Why Software Is Putting You At Risk

Why Software Is Putting You At Risk
Easy to use can also be safe
-------------------------------------------------Notice of any person who has been working with computers for a long time that the operating systems and mainstream applications become easier to use over the years (presumably).
And can now be used for tasks that can be complicated and require professional experience should not be done at the push of a button.

For example, you can create an Active Directory domain in Windows 2000 operating system or higher now that the processor is doing leading up to the most novice technical person to believe that they can be "safe" setting for the operating environment.

This is actually far from the truth.
Half the time this procedure fails because DNS is not configured properly or does not feel the security permissions because the end user can not perform a specific function.
If it was easy to develop and it is also safe--------------------------------------------------One of the reasons that makes operating systems and applications, "seems" to be the easiest to work with, and then they use to developers is the actions and objects created by the re-use to take care of all the complex tasks for you.

For example, back in the old days when I started as a developer using assembly language and C / C + +, and I had to write to much code for me now is the motive sight of all, with millions of lines of code already written for you.
All you have to do is create a framework for your application development environment and compiler adds all the other complicated things for you. This is the code of other books? How can you be sure it is safe.  
Basically, you do not have the idea and there is no easy way to answer this question.
Safe environments that do not exist well with the complexity of----------------------------The reality is that it may seem easier on the surface, but the complexity of the current program can be incredible.

And guess what, safe environments and do not coexist well with complexity. This is one of the reasons there are so many opportunities for hackers, viruses, and malware to attack computers.

How many errors in the operating system Microsoft
 I can confirm that almost no one knows for sure, not even Microsoft developers.
However, I can tell you that there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of bugs, holes, and weaknesses in security systems and applications to power just waiting to be uncovered and exploited maliciously.
How are safe and reliable complex systems?-------------------------------------------------- --------Let's draw a comparison between the world of software and security with that of the space program. Scientists at NASA have know for years that the space shuttle is one of the most complex in the world. 

 With miles of wiring, and mechanical functions are incredible, and millions of lines of operating system and software applications, and systems for the protection of the safe safe side, and more failsafe  
  to protect the other systems.
Systems such as the space shuttle need to perform consistently, as a cost-effective, and have high average time between failure (MTBF).
All in all the space shuttle has a good track record.  

One thing though it is not cost-effective and consistent. 

 Every time there was the launch of various issues that arise reason for the delay.  

In a few circumstances, even the most basic components of this complex system, such as rings, "O", unfortunately, led to fatal consequences. 
 Why absent from such things? Are the only and not on the radar screen because all the other complications of the system demand so much attention? There are a million different variables I'm sure. The truth is that NASA scientists know they need to work on the development of less complex systems in order to achieve its objectives.
This same principle of reducing the complexity to increase security, performance, and low failure really does not apply to the world of computers and networks.

Ever time I was here for me to talk about a fellow systems are incredibly complex it is designed for customers, and how difficult they are to implement I cringe.

How in the world are people supposed to be cost-effective and reliable management of such things. In some cases it is nearly impossible. Just ask any organization of a number of different versions or brands of intrusion detection systems through they are. Including a number of times that have had the infection by viruses and malware due to poor software development and applications. Or, if they have ever a gap in security because it was driven by the developer to a specific system of ease of use and inadvertently put in place a piece of useful code, which was also helpful that the pirates.
I can write a document without a potential security problem, please-----------------------------------------------A few days ago I was thinking of something as simple as Microsoft Word. I use Microsoft Word all the time, every day in fact.

Do you know how powerful this application really is?

Microsoft Word can do all sorts of complex tasks such as mathematics and algorithms, and graphs, and analysis of trends and the effects of line and crazy graphics, linking to external data, including databases, and perform tasks on the Internet.
Do you know what I use it for, to write documents.

Nothing crazy or complex, at least in most of the time.

 Will be interesting to note that when you first install or configure Microsoft Word, there was the option to install only the bare bones version of the basic products. 
 I mean, really stripped down so there was not much to it. 
 You can do this to some extent, but all shared application components are still there. It was almost every computer I have to risk through security assessments MS - Word installed on it.  
I can not tell you how many times you have used this ability to do all kinds of applications of complex tasks to compromise the system and other systems as well. 
 This will leave the details for another article though.
Conclusion----------Here's the bottom line. Systems get more complex, usual

ly in the name of ease of use for end users, and more opportunities for failure, compromise, and increases the infection. 
 There are ways to make things easy to use, good performance, and provide a wide range of jobs and reduce the complexity and still maintain security.

It takes a little longer only to develop and more thought to security.  
You may think that a large part of the blame for the complex software that is not safe should be placed on the developers. 
 But the reality is that we, the end users and consumers, which is partly to blame.  

We want programs that are larger and faster, and can do almost everything, and we want it fast. 

 We do not have time to wait until it is developed in a safe, do we?

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