How to Install a WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Theme
WordPress is one of the most used content management used today. This platform is basically used for bloggers, but it can also be used to effectively manage small business websites.  
One of the best ways to create a website with a WordPress backend is to install a WordPress theme that suits your needs.  
You can take any business or web programmer to make their WordPress theme from scratch, or you can also buy pre-made WordPress themes.
Install a WordPress theme, could be a headache for a beginner, especially if this requires manual method. Many themes are pre-installed on the hosting server, but if you want to use any other theme, that you have purchased or made, you will have to follow the manual method of doing so.
Here are a few steps that will help you in case of need the manual method to install the theme for WordPress.
1. First we need to get the data, which would help in the transfer ftp. For this please open the control panel web hosting site, using your username and password. 

2. Once the control panel is open, you will find the button "FTP" (These steps largely depend on which web hosting service you are using) 
3. Now I will show the host ftp -> copy and paste this part of a word file for further use. 
 Check if the port number is given, if indicated, copy this and paste it into the next line of the word file
.4. Find your username and FTP password.
If you are unsure, make your FTP user name and password.
If you are prompted to grant permissions, grant all permissions to this user. Register your user name and password on the word file. 
5. Now, we will have to install a software called "FileZilla" to manually install the theme.  
To do this follow the steps below:
 6. Open your browser and open
 7. Search results for "Filezilla". (This is the software to manually load the theme of WordPress via FTP interface) 
8. Now install the software on your computer. 
9. Open the program Filezilla -> Click on the option "File" -> Click on "Site Manager" 
10. On the left side at the bottom of the box Site Manager, click on "New Site" option11. Populate the host with host information previously recorded in the Word file. 
12. Enter the port number in the "door" of the text 
13. Change the type of access to "normal." (This will allow the username and password fields) 
14. Enter your username and password stored on word file. 
15. Then click on Connect. This connects to your server filezilla ftp site
.16. Now, you must unzip the WordPress theme files on your computer to the appropriate folder. 
17. Now back to filezilla interface and navigate to the desktop and the folder where you unzipped the theme of WordPress. Do not browse the folder of the theme. (This could be done on the left navigation "local site" window) 
18. Now in the right side window of FileZilla, you will see the home directory of your website, that would be WordPress. 
19. Inside of WordPress, you should find the folder "wp-content", you should browse to that folder, then in the "Theme"
.20. Now drag the folder from the left window unzipped theme folder "Theme" opened the window on the right.21. This will copy the entire contents of the folder of the theme for your WordPress site. 
22. Now, wait for all the files to transfer, this may take some time and depends on the number of files in your WordPress theme 
23. Now close the software FileZilla and once again open the web browser 
24. Open the backend of your WordPress site, and enter your user name and password to access the control panel of WordPress. 
25. In this panel, you will find the themes option in the menu left side. 
26. Click on option issues and now your theme will be displayed in the list of topics.27. Click "Enable" under the theme you want to turn your website.28. Thus the theme of WordPress on your website.
And congratulations, your WordPress theme is installed on your WordPress site.
If it is difficult, please let me know, I'd be more help.

freelance work

freelance work
If you are involved in self-employment, it is known that one of the essential tools you need to have a time management tool.
And time boxing is the right thing. 
 If you've done freelance work for a long time or are planning to join the wagon freelance, this technique is the best you can to help you organize your daily, weekly and monthly activities.
What makes this technique very popular is the ease with which you can use.

No need for lengthy training courses and tutorials, you need only a few minutes to learn the concept and be able to master immediately.  
The idea is to put your business in a "box", and inside of this box is your time frame.
All you have to do is make a list of all the things you do as a freelancer, and put each activity in a box. Your box will be the period within which it intends to carry out your task.  
You just have to think about the tasks and make a rough estimate of how long you will need to spend on it to finish it. And that's all. That boxing time. 
 It 'really that simple.
After learning the basics of the technique, you can organize your activities.  

You can choose to do the important tasks first, the other less important tasks later.  
Or you can choose to do the tasks you have assigned the largest amount of time before and do the rest in descending order.  
Whatever you choose to do, the point is that you can concentrate on one task at a time, which makes it easy for you to progress in your business.  
You get to concentrate on a task alone per box, so they are able to focus more and not be distracted by other activities.
And when you are dealing with major projects on self-employment, time boxing can really help out, too.

This technique can help you break your big project tasks in smaller and more focused. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the great task and deadlines loom before you, you can focus on smaller tasks required to complete the project.
 When you've broken down the basic functions, you will be able to focus more and end up doing a lot of progress towards completion of the project.  
This also makes it easier to check your progress on the project, what you have achieved, how much more work is needed.
Time Tracking freckle is the best choice for boxing time. 

 Check it out and learn why professionals consider an effective and useful in the management of projects & software

Software Development Services

Software Development Services
Software development is a technically complex process goes through several stages throughout the development process. The concept is defined as the software development life cycle (SDLC) and involves several phases of software development.  
In order to provide successful Software development services, organizations should establish a development methodology that suits the needs of the project.
Several projects may require different methods and then software development services providers must evaluate the project requirements and then formulate the strategy for the software development life cycle.
Most suppliers of software development services have a pre-defined methods implemented during the development of software. The process becomes a bit 'modified in accordance with the requirements of the project, but the essence of the project development process remains the same. The basic stages of software development are as follows:
Specific Requirements: The first step, and all the while developing the software meets the needs of the project. 

 Organizations must begin with the analysis of feasibility and project requirements. Some questions that need to be clarified at this stage are:
What are the customer's expectations of the project?
What would you want in the software?
The project is technically feasible or not?
The questions above, along with many others, must be answered and adequately justified prior to software development service providers to move further.
Design: This phase involves the development of an outlay for the development of the project with all the small details included.  

The project requirements are assessed and an implementation strategy to achieve these requirements, in the form of a software is delivered. 
 The design phase is divided into two categoriesi.e. system design and component design.
The design of the system is the software design as a whole where they answered questions such as how individual components interact with each other. The design of components, as the name suggests, deals with the planning for each individual component.
Implementation: the components are actually created during the implementation phase. The layout created in the run-up to implementation and converted into a machine language that the computer can understand and respond.

Programming languages ​​like C, C + +, C #, Asp.Net, PHP, etc. are used in accordance with the requirements of the project to achieve the best possible results. 
 The source code and database are created during the implementation phase.  
Accurate and efficient software design is essential for proper implementation of the software.

The testing phase usually begins after the components are created, but in some cases the development of software service provider can start the test along with the implementation phase.  
This method may require a little more effort and time but the final solution is devoid of any discrepancies or errors as they are detected and removed as soon as a component is developed.

Applying for Enterprise Software Sales Jobs

Applying for Enterprise Software Sales Jobs
In today's tough economic times, sales of enterprise software landing jobs in the field of information technology can be difficult.
In addition, to ensure a profitable and well-paying career commercial software may seem out of reach for some people.
Fortunately, there are resources and tips for job applicants who are committed to undertake a new career, or working to support their existing care
 A team of expert recruiters of Chicago has created a list of three most important steps to take when applying for the jobs of enterprise software sales.
Self Assessment: 

You are what you need to succeed in a very competitive industry?
Enterprise software sales jobs require more than just sales experience. In order to successfully market the software business, sellers must have a thorough knowledge of specific products. This extends far beyond what products the company makes - A successful sales person must have the ability to make their customers' business needs into account to determine exactly how the software will benefit their client.  

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to marketing enterprise software. 
 Each company manages its business in a different way, and the time to fully understand customer needs is key to a successful sale.
A tip from the team of headhunters in Chicago:

a prospective job candidate should take the time to perfect their marketing approach, as well as make every effort to strengthen their presentation skills.
Representatives should strive to understand the nature of the business of their clients before meeting their client.
Taking the time to understand the industry first hand, this leaves more time for the seller to spend with their clients as they gather information about their customers wants and needs.
Fact or Fiction: What Does Your Resume Say About You?
Having a well-written, concise resume is a great start - but simply having a curriculum that uses fancy words does not guarantee that a job seeker for an interview will be online soon. While a resume is professional audio, is the content of the curriculum that matters most.
While meeting with prospective job candidates, recruiters have seen a lot of resumes that may sound good on paper but the problems still exist.  

One of the biggest mistake job applicants make while building their resume is filling up with irrelevant information or, worse, misinformation.  
In their quest to stand out from the crowd, many people fluff their resumes with job functions and results that can stretch the truth, and there are consequences for willfully disseminate disinformation.
The team of headhunters suggest that candidates remove all statements that have been stretched or falsified and stick to the three most important statements that employers are looking for: 
A background in IT, which may include degrees of work or training, strong sales background with proven track record of success, the desire to learn about new products, sales techniques and customer industries.

Convert HD Video to iPad by Using Mac

Convert HD Video to iPad by Using Mac
Although an iPad has many advantages, one of the few drawbacks is that they are able to watch videos or play games that are traditional in HD.
This is when a file conversion program becomes an owner's best friend iPad. With the conversion, and HD video games in a format compatible for your iPad or other device, you can turn this handheld device into a versatile player and entertainment center.
Not only can you view these HD videos and games on your iPad, but the new format can also allow you to view them on other Apple products like the iPhone. 
Here are the steps to convert HD video formats compatible for the iPad and other portable devices with your Mac
Step One: Download the software for the Mac that will assist with the conversion process HD video and gaming.

There are several of these conversion programs available on the web may be free or low cost.
Once the program is selected, downloaded and installed on your Mac, launch it and follow the instructions to start the conversion process.
Step Two:

Then you need to upload HD videos or game that you want to convert the software. Just click on the menu and follow the instructions to select and upload the HD video that you want to convert to a format compatible for the iPad. When the file has been added to the program, you can edit the video or take snapshots of scenes.
Step Three: Once you change scenes and snapshots taken, you are then ready to begin the conversion process.

When you select the new file format, be sure to select MP4, WAV, AAC or AIFF format for the output file. 
These options are available at the bottom of the converter.
Just click on the drop box and select the format menu.
Step Four:

Name the file and select the format for the video to convert, you will then need to select a location on your computer to save the converted file. 
The video conversion software will also keep a list of all files that are converted so you know when the process was completed and ready to display on your i Phone or i Pad.
As you can see, this process is relatively simple and will provide hours of fun. You can view these videos and games on one of your portable devices.

Converting MKV Files to DVD

Converting MKV Files to DVD
MKV file formats have recently been gaining popularity.
What exactly is MKV format? Freely defined, is an open source format that can support different types of audio and video files.
Because of its open source format and its ability to support multiple file types, it is superior to the traditional AVI and MP4. 
 Here are the steps to convert MKV files to DVD.
Step one: download a file MKV to DVD converter. 

 There are several that are available on the web. 
 If you own a Mac, be sure to download the MKV to DVD Converter for Mac Windows users can use the MKV to DVD converter.  
This is a relatively simple program to use as long to read all instructions carefully.
Step two: Insert a blank disc in the DVD player, and then start your MKV Converter DVD program. Make sure that your disk is already formatted for DVD files.

Again, it is important to read and follow the instructions provided by the conversion program. 
 Otherwise, the whole process will go wrong.
Step Three: import files in MKV conversion program. It 'important to note that most of file conversion programs that can support up to 99 files simultaneously. In addition, during this phase, you can resize the video format.

You will be given the opportunity to select letterbox, pan and scan full screen or traditional format.
 Select the format you prefer and proceed with the conversion process.
Step Four: Add the subtitle and audio track if necessary.

You can also decide to change these features at this stage. 
 There are buttons on the toolbar of the program for these hot features.
Again, it is important to follow the program instructions that you give.
Step Five: Edit the DVD menu.

The conversion program has several models to choose from, including several holiday themes. You can also change the color, size and character of the text to suit your personal tastes.
You can also add background music and pictures to your DVD menu.
Step Six: Set the target destination for the converted file.

Not only can you burn the converted file on a DVD, but you can also save it to a specific file on your computer.
You can then set the TV standard and aspect ratio video.  
This is vital so that the video will look normal when in playback mode.
Step Seven: Copy the file to a DVD disc.

Once this step is complete, you are then able to enjoy your new video.

Software Sales Recruiters

Software Sales Recruiters
Good news for those interested in a career in software sales: IT jobs in marketing are abundant. As we know, any good news comes to a standstill, and the catch here is that, although the market is thriving IT sales, there are still more candidates for jobs that there are real job opportunities.
If you are looking for a way to cut all the red tape and tied to the forefront of Information Technology Marketing, maybe it's time to enlist the help of a specialist software sales recruiter. Recruiters work can become your greatest ally in the search for the perfect opportunity to work, due to the fact that their primary objective is to place qualified candidates with employers actively hiring.
Hiring a Recruiter Means No More Sorting Through Postings Countless works for software sales
If you're like most job seekers today, could be found to pay hundreds of job offers to job opportunities that meet your criteria.

The task of seeking employment through the internet you can save time, allowing you to actively seek the comfort of your home.
Yet the truth is that many potential candidates are still spending hours sifting through the sites of career.
Having a recruiter of software sales to make your job search for you can save an immense amount of time.  

Recruiters research work during the day after after day, and have the expertise to filter jobs. 
 They exclude irrelevant information and focus on career job opportunities that match their client's qualifications, the position and salary expectations.
Based on a recruiter to make these searches also eliminates the risk of false responding to postings.  

 The recruiters carefully screen each candidate and company to ensure there is no risk of compromising sensitive information regarding the job search or employer.
The screening process also serves another purpose: the primary goal of a sales recruiter software is to create a perfect match between a prospective employee and an employer is actively hiring.

Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing
Testing a web application is an important part of preparation for release. From usability to achieve load, there are several areas of a program that evaluates the test phase, and the key to a proper evaluation is the design of appropriate tests. Although applications may require different procedures for different tests, some procedures are ubiquitous. If you have questions about these procedures, the answers below can be informative:
How many steps does a thorough testing of web applications need?
Testing Web applications should consist of the following ten points:
Development of objective evidence
Development of the reporting process
Implement a tracking system
Establishing a test environment
HTML code occurs
Testing for usability
Loading Performance Test
Unit performance testing
User acceptance testing
Security robustness
How should test objectives to develop?
Develop test objectives involves the priority objectives of the test.

The most important goals should be the primary objectives, with a hierarchy of other objects to their descendants. An example of a target primary and a secondary goal could result in time-to-market against aesthetics.
If the meeting of the release date of the application is more important to solve most of its aesthetic problems, then that becomes the primary goal.
It is an open source monitoring system acceptable for a test application?An open source tracking system could work well as a proprietary system. 

 Whether or not depends on parameters of the monitoring project. Compared to proprietary systems, which can be designed to suit unique tracking, issue and open source bug tracking tools may lack flexibility. Add the fact that a system owner can be implemented effectively on a pay as you go basis, and usually offers the best value.
When you load test considered successful?
In general, a load test is considered successful when the application loads in 15 seconds or less. That said, different applications have different expectations for loading time. Ultimately, the question has a loading time of success when the weather meets the expectations of end users'. Load test must be performed each time an application receives a change that could affect your load time.
What criteria should define a usability test?
The criteria that define a usability test depends on (a) the expectations of end users and (b) the functionality of the application.

Bearing in mind the basic criteria usually results in better estimates.  
For example, ask how easy it is to navigate the application, and if it is obvious that the actions should be taken in certain situations, can produce valuable insights.

Digital Document

Digital Document
In these days, everyone's concern for the environment is growing.
We see the effects of a degrading environment on a daily basis.
These events range from powerful storms in climate models crazy.
In addition to global warming, the recording is another pressing concern worldwide.  
Numerous procedures have been established and standardized to address these issues.  
Among these plans is the concept of paperless office.  
Switching to digital is proving to be an ideal choice for a variety of activities, organizations and institutions.  
There are many different characteristics to the concept, but a service company can not do without, is the digital document storage.
The beginning of the paperless office began with the passage of using personal computers for more than a simple keystroke. 

 Today is also a vehicle for communication and digital preservation.  
Document archiving has been around for a long time.  
There are three ways to store documents, files and other company assets.  
The first is the traditional means of cabinets, drawers, and other spaces. 
 Companies such as law firms, medical, and educational institutions tend to have more things, so take advantage of larger storage facilities.  
These structures may be within the premises of the company or in a rented space.
Digital archiving is the third option. 

 Although it has been around for a while, it's just starting to see major changes today. 
 More companies and industries are beginning to see the benefits and advantages of switching to a digital platform.  
The following are some advantages:
The use of less paper
As discussed above, companies are taking the initiative to go green.

Although the archives of the past are part of a society, still have a role in the company's efforts to preserve land.  
The continued use of paper to produce paper copies of documents contributes negatively to the ecological footprint of a company. 
 It also adds to the confusion that will need to present at the end of a working day or a year.  
In order to prevent the accumulation of documents, it is better for companies to examine the document imaging services.
Maximize the hours of work
Document archiving eating time.  

Imagine having to go through thousands of files and folders just to find a document. 
 It 'easy to say that this problem is easily avoided through the appropriate organization. 
 The point is, however, that it takes more time.
Instead of time spent doing a real job, employees may find themselves sitting under piles of paper and folders. It's more of a hassle to turn on a computer by typing the keyword of the case, and obtain the necessary documents.
This is one of the advantages of document imaging services.

Companies get soft copies of their documents and digital files, and get their employees back to the desk doing important work.
Cost-effectiveness and practicality
This is the last and perhaps greatest benefits to the storage of digital documents.

In this way, companies save on resources such as paper and ink.
Instead, the documents can be found online or in a database.  
Companies can also access your files from remote computers make their material available online.
This new method of storage is the most practical. 

 In addition to reducing transaction costs, is also more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Collaboration Software

Collaboration Software
Collaboration software helps you easily manage your projects and complete them on time. This software is designed to help people in the company in an effective, efficient and easy to communicate and collaborate with team members and customers. Whether you are working on a project with the company or outside, is always difficult to manage a project. But the collaboration software helps you easily manage your project, because it simplifies the process of communication and collaboration with team members and customers. Collaboration software provides various functions that we are going to discuss in this article.
Online collaboration software is very comfortable, easy to use and easy to use. The main feature of this tool is that it is online and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Key features of collaboration software is email notification. As part of a project, they are a part of it, every time a message posted on this project on your instrument, at that point of time e-mail notification is fired to you. And you can respond to this email account through your personal e-mail even if you're not connected to your software at that point in time. Another good feature of this tool is the real-time chat or instant chat feature. With the integrated chat feature, which is available on the instrument, there is no need to hunt for a separate chat. It 'a great way to ask your questions quickly and saves your time. It makes communication very easy and simple to use. With this function you can easily communicate with team members and customers.
Other features of this tool is that you can load your projects, share files and data. Basically act as a central hub where you can easily communicate with team members and customers, share files and documents with them, to know their opinion immediately and make changes accordingly. Another feature is that you can set the stage and things to do, through which you can assign a task to your team member and also what defines the tasks, which is completed by a member of the team on what date.
Another feature is that you can monitor your activities on the project, whether you're with your team member or not. Although all data and files are visible to all team members and customers in which they are part of the project. Collaboration software helps improve the performance of team members, businesses, and even yourself. It also allows you to save time and money, saving companies travel expenses as a meeting be held with clients to progress the project. With the help of this tool you can easily complete the task on time and deliver it to the customer. This tool also helps to make your relationship better and profitable customer.

Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox Browser:
If we are to understand the reasons behind the success of Firefox we have to find the assets of the browser.In September 2002, the first version of the browser to the public called Phoenix. The browser based on Gecko engine from Mozilla suite. 
 After that, a number of publications the name was changed to Firebird, but due to a legal dispute was changed again to Firefox.
This browser has received a great deal of publicity as an alternative browser to Internet Explorer.
There are many factors behind the success of Firefox, but I think the added features and marketing strategy teams many are in the "adoption of the users of the program. 

Something else, I want to add that I left Internet Explorer after you win the battle with the Netscape browser with any significant changes. 
Of course, did not change this With the new version of the next Windows Vista and called for a new version of Internet Explorer. I suppose Microsoft is trying to correct some errors and omissions in the different levels of the browser.
We are now going to explore the main features and additions at the moment. One of the main objective of the developers who are working in Firefox is to promote the use and accessibility for the end user.

Tabbed browsing, where you can download many pages in the same context, is the feature value in Firefox because it can make browsing a lot faster. 
 Also, pop-up blocking removes those annoying ads and the user can easily find information on a particular page using the 'as you can find the type' feature.
Built in search bar includes all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and others, and you can add more search engines if you want.
The cubs were working on access to the Firefox browser to make working with many screen readers, speakers, screen and keyboard that appears on the screen. 
 Can access these features to help people who suffer from disabilities browsing the Internet easier than ever before.
Another advantage for users of Firefox is very similar to a very large is that they can easily customize many aspects of the browser. 

 You can add accessories such as a web developer or popular Venkman debugger to the browser, and strengthening the functions of Firefox. Users, such as often have the look and feel according to their preferences even use different themes in Firefox
 Therefore, used to change the attributes of the visual appearance of the browser.
Security is really important for end users and companies. 

 No, we want a secure browser they can trust without security holes in Internet Explorer and ActiveX its technology. Mozilla Firefox to achieve this condition, mainly by giving the opportunity for other developers to check code for security flaw and the use of various security technologies and successful models such as the security model of protection.  
In addition, you can use the browser in many different platforms, source code is available free of charge for one to compile and contribute to the project.
We have seen many of the features that Firefox has, but I would like to talk a bit about the marketing strategy that is used.

And supports development in the browser by the search engines Google and Yahoo through partnerships and mostly by the open source community.  
The Mozilla Foundation is responsible for developing the browser think that the marketing community can be successful. 
 Has proved to be their point of view through the use of the Internet marketing community is based on a site called 
 They were able to place an ad for The New York Times by the contributions made by the community of developers and devotees through the release of Firefox 1.0.
The secret behind the success of Firefox is the value of the features available to the user and enthusiastic community, which helps financially through donations and spread the word.