Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing
Testing a web application is an important part of preparation for release. From usability to achieve load, there are several areas of a program that evaluates the test phase, and the key to a proper evaluation is the design of appropriate tests. Although applications may require different procedures for different tests, some procedures are ubiquitous. If you have questions about these procedures, the answers below can be informative:
How many steps does a thorough testing of web applications need?
Testing Web applications should consist of the following ten points:
Development of objective evidence
Development of the reporting process
Implement a tracking system
Establishing a test environment
HTML code occurs
Testing for usability
Loading Performance Test
Unit performance testing
User acceptance testing
Security robustness
How should test objectives to develop?
Develop test objectives involves the priority objectives of the test.

The most important goals should be the primary objectives, with a hierarchy of other objects to their descendants. An example of a target primary and a secondary goal could result in time-to-market against aesthetics.
If the meeting of the release date of the application is more important to solve most of its aesthetic problems, then that becomes the primary goal.
It is an open source monitoring system acceptable for a test application?An open source tracking system could work well as a proprietary system. 

 Whether or not depends on parameters of the monitoring project. Compared to proprietary systems, which can be designed to suit unique tracking, issue and open source bug tracking tools may lack flexibility. Add the fact that a system owner can be implemented effectively on a pay as you go basis, and usually offers the best value.
When you load test considered successful?
In general, a load test is considered successful when the application loads in 15 seconds or less. That said, different applications have different expectations for loading time. Ultimately, the question has a loading time of success when the weather meets the expectations of end users'. Load test must be performed each time an application receives a change that could affect your load time.
What criteria should define a usability test?
The criteria that define a usability test depends on (a) the expectations of end users and (b) the functionality of the application.

Bearing in mind the basic criteria usually results in better estimates.  
For example, ask how easy it is to navigate the application, and if it is obvious that the actions should be taken in certain situations, can produce valuable insights.

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