Converting MKV Files to DVD

Converting MKV Files to DVD
MKV file formats have recently been gaining popularity.
What exactly is MKV format? Freely defined, is an open source format that can support different types of audio and video files.
Because of its open source format and its ability to support multiple file types, it is superior to the traditional AVI and MP4. 
 Here are the steps to convert MKV files to DVD.
Step one: download a file MKV to DVD converter. 

 There are several that are available on the web. 
 If you own a Mac, be sure to download the MKV to DVD Converter for Mac Windows users can use the MKV to DVD converter.  
This is a relatively simple program to use as long to read all instructions carefully.
Step two: Insert a blank disc in the DVD player, and then start your MKV Converter DVD program. Make sure that your disk is already formatted for DVD files.

Again, it is important to read and follow the instructions provided by the conversion program. 
 Otherwise, the whole process will go wrong.
Step Three: import files in MKV conversion program. It 'important to note that most of file conversion programs that can support up to 99 files simultaneously. In addition, during this phase, you can resize the video format.

You will be given the opportunity to select letterbox, pan and scan full screen or traditional format.
 Select the format you prefer and proceed with the conversion process.
Step Four: Add the subtitle and audio track if necessary.

You can also decide to change these features at this stage. 
 There are buttons on the toolbar of the program for these hot features.
Again, it is important to follow the program instructions that you give.
Step Five: Edit the DVD menu.

The conversion program has several models to choose from, including several holiday themes. You can also change the color, size and character of the text to suit your personal tastes.
You can also add background music and pictures to your DVD menu.
Step Six: Set the target destination for the converted file.

Not only can you burn the converted file on a DVD, but you can also save it to a specific file on your computer.
You can then set the TV standard and aspect ratio video.  
This is vital so that the video will look normal when in playback mode.
Step Seven: Copy the file to a DVD disc.

Once this step is complete, you are then able to enjoy your new video.

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