Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox Browser:
If we are to understand the reasons behind the success of Firefox we have to find the assets of the browser.In September 2002, the first version of the browser to the public called Phoenix. The browser based on Gecko engine from Mozilla suite. 
 After that, a number of publications the name was changed to Firebird, but due to a legal dispute was changed again to Firefox.
This browser has received a great deal of publicity as an alternative browser to Internet Explorer.
There are many factors behind the success of Firefox, but I think the added features and marketing strategy teams many are in the "adoption of the users of the program. 

Something else, I want to add that I left Internet Explorer after you win the battle with the Netscape browser with any significant changes. 
Of course, did not change this With the new version of the next Windows Vista and called for a new version of Internet Explorer. I suppose Microsoft is trying to correct some errors and omissions in the different levels of the browser.
We are now going to explore the main features and additions at the moment. One of the main objective of the developers who are working in Firefox is to promote the use and accessibility for the end user.

Tabbed browsing, where you can download many pages in the same context, is the feature value in Firefox because it can make browsing a lot faster. 
 Also, pop-up blocking removes those annoying ads and the user can easily find information on a particular page using the 'as you can find the type' feature.
Built in search bar includes all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and others, and you can add more search engines if you want.
The cubs were working on access to the Firefox browser to make working with many screen readers, speakers, screen and keyboard that appears on the screen. 
 Can access these features to help people who suffer from disabilities browsing the Internet easier than ever before.
Another advantage for users of Firefox is very similar to a very large is that they can easily customize many aspects of the browser. 

 You can add accessories such as a web developer or popular Venkman debugger to the browser, and strengthening the functions of Firefox. Users, such as often have the look and feel according to their preferences even use different themes in Firefox
 Therefore, used to change the attributes of the visual appearance of the browser.
Security is really important for end users and companies. 

 No, we want a secure browser they can trust without security holes in Internet Explorer and ActiveX its technology. Mozilla Firefox to achieve this condition, mainly by giving the opportunity for other developers to check code for security flaw and the use of various security technologies and successful models such as the security model of protection.  
In addition, you can use the browser in many different platforms, source code is available free of charge for one to compile and contribute to the project.
We have seen many of the features that Firefox has, but I would like to talk a bit about the marketing strategy that is used.

And supports development in the browser by the search engines Google and Yahoo through partnerships and mostly by the open source community.  
The Mozilla Foundation is responsible for developing the browser think that the marketing community can be successful. 
 Has proved to be their point of view through the use of the Internet marketing community is based on a site called 
 They were able to place an ad for The New York Times by the contributions made by the community of developers and devotees through the release of Firefox 1.0.
The secret behind the success of Firefox is the value of the features available to the user and enthusiastic community, which helps financially through donations and spread the word.

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