Free Windows Vista

Free windows vista
Why change the Windows Vista: Part 1 of 4

Microsoft has published an extensive list of reasons why the Tennessee mountains, 100 men, and must make the transition to the operating system Windows Vista.  

Microsoft should have moved abroad to brainstorm reasons to upgrade to 
, but not exposed to favorable reviews. "Remote help desk 1 'will have a quick look at their thinking.
"The remote helpdesk 1 'first, in his opinion, humble, and Microsoft is not new ideas from Windows (3) and the operating system Windows NT. 

To understand the thought process on-line help desk ... maybe one day we will discuss this issue next week.
Outsourcing information technology, and you got that from his chest again, trying to peek into the reasons Microsoft believes that there is no place for the likes of Martha Stewart and Lyle Waggoner of ads Tareyton 1965, which was to fight rather than switch.
MS # 1. "It makes the use of computer breeze."
Thus, Microsoft says. The mountains of Tennessee man says he makes sure that your computer is slow enough for most to keep up. May preferably before turtles who were to fight for the transition from DSL. We'll give them credit for this, it works like a breeze certainly more than that too is a problem it is best that both sailing and windsurfing.
MS # 2. "For all your music is just a click away from remote"
Most people use the TV remote controls, DVD, etc. ... Not with the exception of computer repair online computer technical remote that still need to use a computer to access the computer and the performance of screening and surgery on the Internet.
MS # 3. "And 'the most secure version of Windows ever"
A man who recognizes the mountains of Tennessee all were attacked by Microsoft, no less, however, the operating systems Windows Vista and Windows. Microsoft promotes Vista "security of new tools such as

, and filters to combat spam and phishing, parental control. Automatic backups, performance tuning and self-diagnosis integrated" ... Really? These tools were available for years! Can be a good thing that Microsoft found it. On the other hand, which greatly slow down PC for turtles.
MS # 4. "See your world in a new light"
"The innovative design of the user interface Windows Aero brings new light to the PC experience." Sorry man not seen the mountains of Tennessee ... Even with new glasses. It, however, require large computer upgrades, repair shop that your computer is sure to love.
MS # 5. He added, "" possible to find things. "
Hello! Heard of any ever built in search option in all versions of Windows? Also, why lose this little plastic box, known as the computer that can not be found unless it breaks down the hard drive? In this case no oline computer repair service and can not be that Microsoft will not help you in everything.
Return to the repair shop computer grateful!
MS # 6. "Because you're always on the run"
Sorry, the man mountains of Tennessee, and even with the help of 

services online, and find nothing new here. Everything was available with earlier, faster, cheaper, less intrusive, and operating systems.
MS # 7. "Because you can stop time."
Ah !!!!! No !!!!!!! I know that Microsoft's Bill Gates and believe that they worship God, and is done by geeks at all, but not because Joshua someone did this little trick. I'm sorry, Mr. Copperfield. 

 By the way, you need a computer repair service oline able to take care of your needs anywhere in the world? You seem to travel a lot!
MS # 8. "You can not care of your computer itself: self-control performance, self-healing"
It reminds me of TV advertising, where the doctor is telling the patient on the phone how to perform surgery on himself. Even in this case local, as well as reform of the 

through the documents.  
The average user who has tried ever to use the restore disks or those built in technologies such as choke you. 'Cost a lot of dollars in an attempt to repair and restore jaw reform. Microsoft knows how it goes.  
They are always releasing fixes for prison reform them.
MS # 9. "Open your laptop"
"Network and Sharing Center allows you to set up a wireless network at home so you can experience the freedom to work in the living room, patio, or anywhere in the house."
I'm sorry, I'm probably a little 'slow, probably missed something, but only what you can do here that you can not do in Windows 95 or NT and later versions of the operating system Microsoft?
# 10 MS. "Surf more safely"
#!&%? Really? Or more simply allows Microsoft to storm our business? I learned that it is time Bill Gates to mind commenting on!
It is better to not miss the last paragraph, this means that "some product features are only available in certain editions of Windows Vista and may require advanced or additional hardware."
# 11 MS. "Protecting children on the Internet"
Ah, yes! The fall of the boy in front of the computer that Gates and Microsoft's Bill and trust and see how long it takes to get this child approached the attacker or to seek or enter into some trouble.
Parents who brought them in this world. You take care and protect them.

The state can do it, and Microsoft can not be a big incentive for very low or non-existent.
# 12 MS. "Showtime on scheduling your time"
The only thing that was found on a mountain in Tennessee reasons for Microsoft's top 100 companies to switch to Windows Vista is more costs, and slower response, and more of the same problems that have contributed greatly to the destruction of the American family.
# 13 MS. "Why do you need to know that the wicked"
Should give Microsoft a person the mirror? Should those who live in glass houses not intended stones.
# 14 MS. "Make every room, media room"
Scraping the bottom of the barrel now, and still have 86 great reasons to upgrade to Windows Vista to go. This is not something more than just advertising masked 360 and the recommendation of the mixing of children off to another room and left alone to navigate the worst thing in the network without supervision.
Outsourcing of information technology makes it really need to move forward? Oh, do not worry. Will the man covering all the mountains of Tennessee, the so-called reasons to upgrade to Windows Vista.
# 15 MS. "Because your PC remembers to back up you."
So everything, including the DOS If you set the owner to do so.
# 16 MS. "Getting a new computer and run at any time"
What is the definition of "any time". Not a MAC! Do not just open the window (sorry, in this case it's boxes), and plug it, and run and go. No. No. computers do not work like that of Microsoft!
# 17 MS. "It's like having a personal announcer"
I say why? What is the smoke from Microsoft? What are they looking at? Naked News? How they think we are stupid?
# 18 MS. "Create your own personal archive: scheduled backup and network"
Forgets he or she is apparently a smoker until the author, it's basically just to cover this point 15, only a few minutes before.
# 19 MS. "Watch live TV on your computer"
I do not know about you, but the man and the mountains of Tennessee that he was doing in the 

operating system when Office Space was excellent, and there is no space in the TV room and a computer. Duh !!!!!!!!!!!
# 20 MS. "Setting up a home network in a flash"

Vista does not do anything in the flash of a good short wave! And create a network that does not seem easier or more difficult than in any other version of Windows.

Of course if you want to create a network in a flash, the man the mountains of Tennessee recommends a derivative of Debian Linux-based operating system Ubuntu. 

 When you install and shoes, this is done on the net! View this view!
Another warning not to lose the last paragraph from Microsoft here. 

 It seems that it was proudly blocked by some copies to increase profits and reduce the options available to you.
# 21 MS. "Put more time playing in the Family"
Microsoft really expect that, if we would like to play computer games, and we did not do it from DOS and Windows 3 through the Internet and local network when the master was not looking? Let's go!
# 22 MS. "See everything you're working at a Glance"
A simple click of the mouse, eh? Well, if this is true, as is the case in one click (I have not tried one), then it may be faster than Vista for almost the trick, as it were preceded with a few clicks to do the same thing .... Impressive? .... Really?
# 23 MS. "For he is like a candy store digital"
What can I say? We all know of the candy man!
# 24 MS. "Why do not you want to worry about spyware"
Why? Because, as always, the Microsoft Windows install test programs to get you hooked, and requires the purchase of them after a short period of trial of Microsoft or its suppliers, if you want to keep on the work program.

Tennessee mountain man who never worry about these things.  

There are several ways without too many more to prevent and treat these diseases.
# 25 MS. "He works with the hardware, software and services that you want"

The Tennessee Mountain Man says:  "Yep, as long as you want what it works with.....and are willing to wait for the rest".

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