Software Evolution

Software Evolution
  Internet connections become more permanent with broadband access, and will be able to develop programs to a more efficient way and personal.
Currently, most drivers from the hard drive we have, and require installations that alter our system configurations, many times slowing down our computers.  

Because software occupies space and processing power, and there is a limited amount of programs that can run on our computers.  

On the business side, current software systems require many companies to produce the distribution system (CD-COMPAC), and customer support, and are usually not compatible with all customers, thus limiting the increase in its customer base.
And software development ocurring and it would be for the benefit of both customers and businesses immensly. 

 The software will no longer come in a package that needs to be installed on a personal computer, but will be completely Web based. 

 The program will be based on the Internet has become a means of access to the customer defaults.

Customers will have advantages such as, using unlimited amount of programs, and use applications regardless of where that person or the computer that he / she is by, you can customize the software and upgraded to meet the specific needs of each individual.

And will be able to companies, reduce costs, and access to a larger group of customers, Taylor A variety of programs to markets, and bugs fix more quickly and easily, understand its customers and the way they used their software, etc..
For this program to revolutionize the whole, there must be a central point. 

 Such as DOS Miscrosoft in the 80's, which has become standard in the selection of the operating system to regulate the operations of central and our computer, there is a need to have the operating system on the Internet.

As of now, Microsoft has built an empire because of its vision and market dominance in the OS. However, there is now an opportunity to take a large part of that empire and possibly eliminate Microsoft's monopoly operating system.

While there are many companies and organizations (Apple, Linux, Lindows) out there trying to take a bite out of Microsoft by competing on the same influence, accostumed computer users to Windows and not likely to switch. 

 Opportunity to eliminate this monopoly is to create an operating system over the Internet. And PC users on the Internet will inevitably move completely.
System will be operating on the Internet to the central point for each user in the future.  

There are companies online who have the advantage of the home, such as Yahoo, Google and AOL, but it can be toxic one, even to a competitor is known to some extent, as it was when Microsoft introduced DOS to the world.

In this new concept of the operating system, there could be a larger area of ​​diversity, and can be shared by more companies, unlike the current situation.

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