Computer Software

Computer software

Do you ever wonder (I'm sure that you have no less than other similar words), where a word such as software source.  
I mean were floppy disks soft and flexible at the same time. 
 Or if the sleeve to protect the old hard disk made of some velvety material that made them "soft" ware.
Well I like this kind of thing, and we would like to explore with you in the next few paragraphs out of this word and why it is so commonplace in our age of computer programs.
Order to understand the derivation of the term, as is the case in the software, you must first understand that there are devices as well.  

The meaning of the hardware and probably a lot of levels of meaning and was probably the most chance to lunch or other social gathering.
Hardware refers to the courage "of the computer, the actual reality of the hard disk drive, disk and follow-up and the like. 

These are the entities of the actual physical, which makes it" difficult ". You can keep, carry, etc. The software on the other hand is more theoretical than physical. Make sure that the symbol is "hard" consisting of 1 and l 0 for bits and bytes, but not hard, in the sense that you can touch the actual ones and zeros with your hand, chew it, and anything else you may be able to do with the devices.
The program is a program that does things in more than one level virtual or abstract. It provides information on what is invisible, but can be completely recovered and able to help devices, produce an image that can be seen for an eye.
There are two points to be made here. 

 First, the site does not make sense of something or soft power. Never. 
 Who determines this touching description, this is a useful way to determine the hardness or softness of computer software and hardware.
A good example of this test is a hard copy or electronic copy of the document. 

 The printed version of a document in paper form and the actual page and an electronic copy of all of ones and zeros that make up the theoretical sense (more representative of actual) writing on the page.
May think this way to help you sort out what is and what is a computer program computers.

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